Tostas en pan cristal, fritos y pintxos 

Iberian cured ham toast and grated tomato  12,50€

Smoked salmon toast, avocado, nori seaweed 12,50€

Tuna belly toast, spring onion, “piquillos”, EVO oil   10,50€

Cristal bread with grated tomato 7,50€/4,50€

Bao bun, tempura fried soft shell crab, yelow aji sauce, purple onion, wakame 6,00€

“Begi haundi” calamari 11,00€

Organic egg, sous-vide, mashed potato and ham shavings   5,50€

KATA4 potatoes, chimichurri, alioli *   8,50/5,00€

Ham croquette  14,50 (6unid) / 2,50€

Mushroom croquette  16,00 (6unid) / 2,75€

Oriental sweet and sour sauce chicken wings *  5,50€

 Iberian pork cheeks, potato parmentier  5,50€


Hand cut acorn-fed, Carrasco Iberian ham 25,00/12,50/7,00€

Beef tenderloin steak tartar, salad shoots, capers, mustard, soy, egg yolk, toast and fried onion 21,00€

Fish ceviche, “leche de tigre”, rocoto, coriander, sweet potato, purple onion, wakame 20,00/11,00€

Quinoa-crusted chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, avocado, pomegranate, vinegar, and EVO oil  16,00€

Getaria salad: tomato, tuna belly, spring onion, Basque green chilli, EVO oil   16,00/9,00€

Sautéed vegetables with romescu sauce  16,00/9,00€

Donostia style txangurro (local spider crab), avocado, Espelette pepper  14,00/7,50€

Octopus, anticuchero sauce, potatoes, yelow aji sauce, crispy seafood *   22,00€

Rock mussels with devil sauce  14,00€

Rock mussels with white wine   12,00€

Main course 

Clams with garlic, parsley and white wine 26,00€

Scallops with tupinambo puree and tree tomato confiture 24,00€

Cod whith “pilpil”, Basque green sauce and potatoes 22,00/12,00€

Fish of the day with suquet, clams and potatoes   25,00€

Green rice, with grilled txipiron (locally sourced squid), mussels, black garlic aioli  22,00/12,00€

Farm chicken roll, yelow aji cream, parmesan cheese, pistachios, potato puree 20,00€

Beef tenderloin, demi-glace sauce, “piquillo” peppers and French fries*  24,00/13,00€

Iberian pork cheeks, Parmentier potatoes, “piquillos”   22,00/12,00€

Side orders

Bread basket  1,50€      Gluten-free bread   2,00€  Lettuce salad  5,00€                       

Piquillo peppers      5,00€      French fries     5,00€ Sauces   0,50€


Black chocolate coulant, filled with lucuma & ice cream (please allow 15’ to cook) 10,00€

KATA4 French toast and ice cream  8,00€

Apple strudel, raisins and pistachios with ice cream  8,00€

Baked cheesecake and ice cream * 8,00€

Fruit salad, raspberry jelly and ice cream* 8,00€

Ice cream, vanilla, lemon, raspberry, speculoos cookie*   2,50€/und.

DO Idiazabal “Black Label” Reserve cheese, walnuts and quince jelly 12,00€

Cheeses: smoked Idiazabal, Brabander and blue cheese, with homemade jam  18,00/9,00€

*Please ask for gluten-free options 
VAT included +0,50€ terrace

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